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Air purification In workshops

The protection and safeguarding the health of workers at the workplace firstly through the supply of plant specially designed to purify the air from possible polluting agents present. A worker spends on average about 7-10 hours every day at work. 

In addition to the normal biological pollution due to the presence of persons, in closed environments you can add causes of degradation of the quality of the breathing air for the different habits of life of the people, in some cases it may happen that some tend to overlook the normal cleaning operations, and the use of products that increase the polluting load such as deodorants, insecticides, etc.

In general, the occupants of an environment derive wellbeing from a fresh air, not vitiated, non-irritating and especially not harmful to health.
In particular, in addition to the pollution of the physical persons present in some specific environments such as workshops, can be present welding fumes, gaseous pollution linked to aluminum production, micro-powder, particles in suspension of various nature. An air filter system of high quality is revealed as less essential to ensure the wholesomeness of the place of work in addition to the respect of the various regulations emission control.

NEW AIR creates filters specially assembled and designed to remove, in addition to the generic pollutants in these environments, even specific substances present in certain places of work.
The Consultants of NEW AIR can locate and provide the appropriate filter for each different need of purification of the air.

More than 20 years experience in the field of filtration systems of air provides solid skills to locate between our products, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy from a team specialized in filtering systems of the highest quality, which are best suited to the specific case.

By contacting NEW AIR you can have, without commitment, a custom quote and calibrated according to your particular needs.