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Air purification for hairdressers

In the salons of hairstyles, hairdressers use a large number of chemical substances such as shampoo, tints, lotions of various kinds, bleaching products, products for straightening the hair or for its undulation, creams, etc. 

All of these substances have a strong impact on health, can be irritant, cause rhinitis and bronchial asthma due to their inhalation or even favor the onset of cancer.
In these places they hover gas, toxic fumes, odors and dust and it is therefore necessary to ensure a sufficient air exchange through suction plants and forced ventilation adequately provided with an efficient filtration system capable of eliminating the dangerous substances dispersed in the air and ensure employees and customers with a quality of adequate air.

The same happens in beauty centers and the reconstruction of nails where are used enamels, solvents and other toxic chemicals.
As provided for by DPR 303/56, workplaces must have healthy air in sufficient quantity so as not to expose operators and customers to risks for their health.

These toxic substances, even at low concentrations but for long periods of exposure, may have an impact on the immune system, altering its normal functioning.
We must therefore draw our attention to the chemical risks in the sector. In addition to this aspect in the salons aesthetic may feel unpleasant odors and breathe vapors that annoy from immediately the airways making unpleasant waiting and permanence of customers inside the premises.

NEW AIR team of professionals is able to advise and design a filtration system is adequate to ensure workers and customers of hair and a beauty salons a safe and pleasant stay within these environments.

Contact the operators NEW AIR to have a specific advice on systems of air purifying the most suitable and effective for reducing the pollution caused by chemical products used by hairdressers and beauty specialists.