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Filters for restaurants and kitchens

A good fume suction plant for a kitchen of a restaurant or canteen is a necessary condition for compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety for operators and customers.
The specific legislation varies from the ASL of relevance, but is rather widespread the compulsoriness of purifying the air before outputting it to the outside, also because it can cause misunderstandings with the neighborhood and the incurring sanctions. 
In addition to the observance of the regulations, it is important to remember that the air in the kitchen is full of oil vapors, pollutants and other odors that can make unhealthy working environment and food preparation.      
Fumes and vapors fats are always more often put in relation with the carcinogenic and considered harmful if inhaled. 
Their presence greatly contributes to the malaise of the operators and to the deterioration of the quality of life of the environment. And the obligation of the employer to protect the health of its employee in particular environments through the adoption of specific means of direct protection to defend the air from harmful products, from gases, vapors, odors, smoke, or dust.
NEW AIR produces specific filters that allows to purify the air and make the environment healthy.
In this case, the filtering system is most often inserted inside the suction system of the hoods of the kitchen. NEW AIR creates filters specially designed for the elimination of the vapors which the cooking produces, mists, fatty fumes and odors, purifying and sanitizing the air efficiently. The depuration of the air also helps to reduce the maintenance costs of the premises by reducing the formation of molds, degradation of the painting and the surrounding surfaces. Finally, no less important, air purification is useful to overcome the annoying drawback of perception of smells from customers in the room. It often happens that exiting from a local clientele has clothes smelling of fried food, quite an unpleasant event that not uncommonly leads not to return more in such a restaurant . The filters can be used for restaurants and kitchens are models WIN DS AND WIN DS UTA.
NEW AIR provides specific solutions for every need, you can contact us to get a quote for your local.