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Air purification

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Air purification

In the context of industrial activities should produce airborne pollutants in large quantities. The need to eliminate the presence of polluting substances involves the use of systems for the reduction of polluting agents. The filtering system NEW AIR is pollution present in the air in a selective manner by means of a filtration system compound. The filtering module is constituted by an electrostatic filter, equipped with pre-filter in stretched net of aluminum and on request for specific performance, a post-filter in synthetic fiber, or a post-filter in active carbons. The depuration of the air which is obtained from the system is therefore of composed type, i.e.: a first mechanical filtration followed by an electrostatic charges and finally a second ( on request) mechanical. The filter panel (mechanical) has the function of retaining the coarsest particles, such as dust, spores, animal hair and anything else in suspension, both at the same time, to evenly distribute the air flow to be purified toward the electrostatic filter and improve the depuration phase that takes place precisely by means of this filter. The electrostatic filter relies for its operation on the principle of electrostatic precipitation: The effect is produced by the high voltage applied to the cell that creates an electrostatic field which in turn positively charged particles contained in the entering air attracting it on a series capturing plates, having different polarity.

These filters have high efficiency up to 95% with air having a relative humidity higher than 80%. The filter in synthetic fiber has the function both of retaining the finer particles, both the oil mists. This filter can be replaced with an active carbon filter for the abatement of odors. These air purifiers are modular, i.e. use is envisaged as a single functional unit, or is possible with individual units, provide central of treatment air on measure.

They found application :

  • in centralized ventilation systems
  • in installation of central air conditioning
  • in the treatment of fumes in the industries and in the food & beverage
  • in the workshops of welding.    
The filtering modules, can be supplied, on demand, with some optional accessories for the flanging system.