WIN DS 120/220/320/500

The filtering module DS is used for purification of air in enclosed environments, both for industrial use and the private sector where there is the need to eliminate micro-dust in suspension, mists or odors.
The modularity of WIN DS allows single use or in combination allowing to achieve genuine Central of Treatment Air on measurement and can be provided on request, with some optional accessories for the flanging. WIN DS filters the air thanks to a system composed of stages of sequential purification. The electrostatic filter is equipped with a pre-filter in stretched net of aluminum and for specific cases, by a post-filter in synthetic fiber or carbon active according to the needs. 
Elimination of odors is carried out by inserting an active carbon filter, supplied on request, alternatively to the filter in synthetic fiber which, instead, allows to retain the finer particles as the oil mists. 
The sucked air is purified first by a mechanical process, then with the electrostatic system and finally upon request with the active carbon filter or synthetic fiber. 
The mechanical filter retains the coarsest particles, such as dust, spores, animal hair and anything else in suspension and evenly distributes the flow of air to be purified toward the electrostatic filter by improving the capacity of the purification. 
The electrostatic filter is based on the principle of electrostatic precipitation: the effect is produced by the high voltage applied to the cell that creates an electrostatic field capable of positively upload the particles contained in the incoming air attracting them on a series of plates of capturing mass, with different polarity. 
Each filter is placed in a metal structure provided with front door for access to the filters and a second door for access to the compartment electronic circuit of management. 
Extract the electrostatic filters for normal cleaning operations is extremely simple: it is necessary to open the housing box by removing the front door of  containment and extract the filters without the need for any tool. 
The efficiency of this type of filters arrives at 95% with air having a relative humidity higher than superiore all’80%. 80%. 
The filters WIN DS can be used in installations of centralized aeration, in the installation of centralized air conditioning, in the treatment of the fumes of the industries, in restaurants and in the workshops of welding.