WIN DS UTA is a filtering module that is pollution present in the air with an electromechanical system of filtration. 

The system is equipped with an electrostatic filter which bases its operation on the principle of electrostatic precipitation: the effect is produced by the high voltage applied to the cell that creates an electrostatic field which in turn positively charged particles contained in the incoming air attracting in on a series of capturing plates having different polarity. 

These filters have high efficiency up to 95% with air having a relative humidity higher than 80%. 

Air Purifiers WIN DS UTA are modular systems that allow i.e. the use as a single functional unit or the realization of central air handling (Uta) on measure. 

The modular system WIN DS UTA can be used in installations for centralized aeration, in installation of centralized air conditioning, in the treatment of fumes in the industries and in restaurants and in the workshops of welding. 

The mounting of the electrostatic cell is simple because of easy insertion in the seat formed by a normal filter pockets.

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