WIN 200 is an electronic air purifier mountable wall or ceiling of the highest quality, entirely hand assembled and fitted with a filtering system combined with electrostatic filter, mechanical and ionizer. This type of filter is ideal for purifying the air in places frequented by many people and in the case of presence of smoking.

Available also in the version WIN 300 that, thanks to the POWER difference is able to serve spaces of length wider.
The air sucked from the environment is purified continuously through the passage in the filtering system and after being treated is again introduced into the environment.

The part of the mechanical filter evenly distributes the air toward the electrostatic filter after you have removed the larger particles thanks to a panel specially designed for retaining powders, spores, pet hair, and other particles suspended in the air.

On the already purified air from the mechanical filter, in this way it can act more effectively the electrostatic filter that creating a field loaded to a positive charge in which are attracted to the particles contained in the air by means of a series of collecting plates with different polarity.
The filters WIN 200 and win 300 have an efficiency of purification which reaches 95%. The air returned is purified and, thanks to the ionization device, also revitalized.

Filters are equipped with an infrared remote control operates up to 10 meters away from the purifier and a security system that turns off the filter in the moment in which it is open the appliance.
A convenient display window allows you to check the operation and condition of the purifier.

Ideal for indoor environments, both public and private sector electronic purifiers WIN 200 and win 300 allow the elimination from the environment of the micro-powder in suspension of organic origin, including cigarette smoke and ionization of the air with a beneficial impact on the frequenters of the environments in equipped with this system.